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Name: Divebomb
Location: Burnaby, BC
Entrance Music: "My Last Serenade" by Killswitch Engage
Style Most Resembles: Sting/Orton
Face/Heel: Heel
Appearance: Short brown hair with a goatee and ice blue eyes and skin is slightly tanned. About 6'0" 250 lbs. Comes to the ring dressed in black jeans and a black undershirt with army style boots and black fingerless gloves. He has a big tattoo(tribal style, all black, but in the shape of a stylized eagle with wings spread) that covers his upper back from shoulder to shoulder.


Striking moves:
- Jabs
- Haymakers
- European Uppercuts*
- Kicks to the midsection
- Chops

- fishermans suplex*
- Snap powerbomb*
- Stalling suplex
- Spinebuster
- Gargoyle suplex*
- Death Valley Driver

- russian leg sweep
- cobra clutch
- Release german suplex
- Dragon Suplex*
- Full nelson slam
- reverse DDT*

- Rings of saturn*
- Boston crab
- figure four

Running Attacks
- Clothesline*
- Swinging neckbreaker
- Bulldog*

Irish whip attacks
- Powerslam*
- Spinebuster

- Missle dropkick(opp. standing)
- Elbow drop(opp. on mat)

Opp. in corner
- Elbow strikes
- Powerbomb into corner*
- Superplex
- Stinger splash(running at corner)*

Finishing Move:
The End (Samoan Neckbreaker)*
Ground Zero (Swanton Bomb)

Faction: none

Favorite weapon: Steel chair
Titles held: AWF Tag Team Title (3)

Moves with * beside it are favorite moves. Ones used most commonly.

Answers to the questions above.

1. White with short brown hair, a goatee and blue eyes. About 6'0" 250 lbs. Comes to the ring dressed in black jeans and a black undershirt with army style boots and black fingerless gloves. He has a big tattoo(tribal tattoo, all black, that resembles an eagle with wings spread) that covers his upper back from shoulder to shoulder.

2. Divebomb's main motivation since the split of the GPA have changed. He is not so focused on being just a great tag team wrestler but has opened his eyes and realised that there is more to the AWF and life than just that. He wants to be the best at whatever he does. He has hopes of being the AWF world champion but knows that it may take him along time to get there, but he is willing to put in the time and do whatever it takes to get there .

3. There is always one person that he can trust and that's his former tag team partner Prowl?, but with the way things went down with the GPA he knows now that he has more enemies than ever and he doesn't know if he can trust the man who he turned his back on anymore even though it kills him to think that way.

4. Greatest Strength: The drive to get what he wants. When he sets his mind on something he will strive to new heights to get it.

Greatest weakness: But his greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. He will often get his sights on something and not step back for a moment to fully understand what he's getting himself into.

5. Does not like people that act like morons or people that run their mouths like a 7 year old. But basically he doesn't like any one other than his family or the few close friends that he has.

6.Even though P? is not around anymore he still owes him for getting him into this business. He also feels like he owes Viewfind for giving him his place in the AWF.

7.Well he likes to chill with friends and family, have a few drinks, hitting on chicks, watching sports and just havin a good time. Basically he likes to do guys things.

Hates morons. Anybody that thinks that they are better than him. He has no tolerence for that what so ever and will step up to the plate anytime anyone even thinks they are better than him just to try and shut them up.

8. Almost always looks pissed off and he usually emphasises the words The End when he talks.

9. He is a very focused person. When he sets his mind to something he will do anything and everything to get it done. This includes all things of his life. He also feels he needs to proove himself everytime he walks out into the ring and this usually leads to him being a little stiff and aggressive in the ring.

10.His dad loves him but does not always think he has the determination to succeed in his goals and worries that wrestling is gonna get him killed. His mother loves him and gives him as much support as she can even though she does not approve of the fact that he is a wrestler.

11. Well after the fall of the GPA and the dissolvement of the NWA, his goals have changed. At first he was stuck on trying to figure out what to do with himself knowing that he had no one to fall back on but then realised that he didn't need anyone. So now his main ambition in the ring is to be a champ. Hardcore, TV, Tag, IC or World. It doesn't matter, but he does plan on being the world champ one day just so he can proove that he is a force to be reckoned with. After that well he does plan to get married and have kids, and to be a great father and husband. But he doesn't like to talk about that.

12. Gold, that is the one thing that drives him more than anything else. Next would be the need to proove himself in the ring and make everyone a believer.

13. Like everyone he has done things in his life that he is not proud of but he is not going to go out of his way to talk about them.

14.Have a few drinks, hit on chicks and drive around in one of his many vehicles.

15. Go to the strip club and have some fun and then start a bar room brawl. What else would he do?

16. Who ever has the the gold. But there is a few wrestlers that he wants one on one. HBK, G91, Ghostal, Wolfang, Zarak. All men that have been in his way one way or the other over the years. And then Viewfind. Not because he wants to hurt him or because he has a grudge against him but just because he thinks it would be a good match.

17. He doesn't have any special designs that he wears because he comes to the ring in black jeans. But his symbol/logo when his video is playing is the tattoo that is on his back. The eagle shaped tribal design.

18. Use to be Prowl? But since he left he doesn't really know.

19. Prowl? is like a brother to him even though he isn't around anymore.
Respects Viewfind and respects but tends to dislike G91 and O'Con for all the beatings in the past.
Hates everyone else.
Does not care enough to fear anyone.

20.Think before you act. But enjoy the actions you take.

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