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Prince george, BC, Canada

Name: P?
Location: Prince George, BC
Entrance Music: P.I.M.P (NWA remix)
Style Most Resembles: John Cena
Face/Heel: Heel
Signature Moves: Sharpshooter and swinging neakbreaker
Finishing Move: The Question (atomic drop), The 'mark (high velocity spinebuster
Faction: GPA and the NWA

20 Questions

1. 6'6, 255 pounds of solid muscle, short blonde hair, peircing blue eyes sporting several large tatoos on his arms.

2. To piss off as much people as possible and to look good doin it. On a more professional note, he wants to win the tag titles with an unending passion

3. He trusts Viewfind to an extent, but easily trusts Divebomb more than any other AWF superstar. He would feel at ease putting his very life into divebomb's hands....

4. Greatest strength: Knows how to handle a severe beating and still manage to pull out a victory. Very high tolerance to pain. Handles power and technical moves very well in both the defensive and offensive categories. Is a very physically powerful wrestler. Good at making people angry with smack talk.

Weakness: Kinda slow, doesn't respond well to highflying and speedy moves, especially on the defensive. Sometimes does not know when to keep his mouth shut.

5. Oh yeah. Thinks that most of the current and former champions (except for his homeboy's Viewfind and Vin Ghostal, and although he would never publically admit it, Silly Cow, Windcharger, Lord zarak and G91) do not deserve the publicity and title opertunities that they are getting, and feels he could take them to school if he had but the oportunity. Feels that politics rule the AWF, not talent.

6. Will follow Viewfind loyally, but would be willing to Die for Divebomb. He considers Divebomb to be his brother, and is very over-protective to his tag team partner

7. Loves chilling with the boys, having a few brews, hitting on girls, and generally having a good night out on the town. Hates stuck up people with a passion, has very little tolerance for what he terms as 'bubbleheads and jocks' and hates political manuverings to aquire glory over talent.

8. Is the perfect stereotype of a Wigger away from the physical aspect of the federation, feels that he might try his hand in rapping after his AWF career has ended. Likes to end his tag team matches with the doomsday device, with divebomb comin off the top rope. Uses many catchphrases, including:

don't hate just 'cause you can't relate
and all you can do is respect it....

9. He feels that he needs to prove himself every time that he steps into the ring, and feels that maybe if he trys a bit harder every match he has, he will finally be able to step up the ladder with divebomb and get those tag titles. Doesn't mind being a bit sadistic in dealing out physical punishment, espically if he feels that it will drive the point home that HE was the better man in the fight....

10. His father always said that he was always of solid body, but his mind was a bit delusional and had delusions of graduer. His mother loved him unconditionally and always made excuses for bad behavoir, thus encouraging his massive ego.

11. He wants the tag tiltes, First and foremost. Second, he wants to help take the GPA to the absolute top of the AWF, and won't mind sacrificing a bit of pain and suffering for it. Maybe one day he might want to settle down and get married, but right now, its all about the wrestling.

12. Tag Titles, and to be taken seriously in the ring.

13. If asked this in person, he would crack a lop-sided grin, and sarcasticlly state: "yeah, I slept with yo' momma last night and she's a lousy lay", underneath, he had skeletons in the closet, but like most people, just wants to leave them in the past. His secrecritive nature about his past tends for them to lay burried.

14. Hang with Divebomb, Viewfind, Ghostal and Unicron, oogle over all the hot ladies and Dodge Vipers and listen to ALOT of rap music.

15. Strip club. Divebomb. Viewfind. MANY titty rubs.....

16. Wants lock and King, so he can prove to them that they ARE truly running scared of the NWA.

17. He wears large somewhat baggy cargo pants to the ring, simmilar to that of the hardy boys. He hasn't worked out an NWA logo yet with divebomb, so just adopts the GPA sign for now.

18. Divebomb. Without a doubt.

19. Considers Divebomb a brother. Really tight with Viewfind and Ghostal. Likes Unicron, but wishes he would talk more. Secretly has a great deal of respect for Scout and G91, but would never admit it publically

He Hates just about everyone in the foundation and pulp faction, and thinks that they are just a bunch of whinners, cowards and sore-losers. Thinks that UPF, Starscreamer, Cyberstrike, Bombshell and Cloudstriefer are complete and utter losers and are really only around to be made fun of. Still has lingering animosity for Claypool for his abrupt dis-missial from the cWo mid-last year.

Fears his momma when she is mad.

20. Dude, learn some damm grammar and STOP ACTING BLACK!!!!

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