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In the depths of blackest Hell. Or just Vermont

Yup sounds about right.

Name: Ravage

Location: The cold mean back streets of Vermont.

Entrance Music: Puritania by Dimmu Borgir

Style Most Resembles: Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious, Lesnar

Face/Heel: Heel

Finishing Move: The Hangover, it's in inverted F-5

Normal moves-

Power bomb

Double Back Breaker
Gut Buster
Choke Slam
Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker
Power Slam
Press Slam
Pump Handle Slam
Side Walk Slam
Shoulder Breaker
Gut Wrentch Powerbomb
Boston Crab *everyone needs a submission *

Faction: GPA.

1. How would you describe your character? Start with the obvious; physically, color hair and eyes even. Remember the style of wrestling your character incorporates.

7'1, 325, long blonde hair, well built. Now wearing a Micheal Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey and jeans. With some sweet Nike Airs and black leather gloves with the fingers cut off.

2. What is your character's main motivation? What drives him/her to do what they do, to act how they act?

To win. After being in a slump he know longer cares what he has to do to win as long as he does. He will also help others *see GPA* if he thinks it will help him. Had respect for Viewfind but found he was getting him the bling bling he promised him. Had a chance meeting with TC in the back which lead to the events that are currently going on.

3. Who does your character trust most? Could be a faction member or family member even.

GPA, to a lesser degree his ex-tag-team partner TC and a few others. Respect for Sixswitch, Wolfgang, the Game, SSCW, HBK even if he hates him too and Jinrai. Still has alot of respect for Viewfind but just found he wasn't getting the job done.

4. What is your character's greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

It takes a hell of a lot to make him quite and for the most part he can dish it out.

His size can be a flaw against speedier foes but if he grabs ahold of them game over. Typical big guyitius. I can smash you if I get a hold of you if not it's a match.

5. What are your character's prejudices? Does he/she have any at all, be it about other wrestlers or even people in general?

Thinks the weak or the small should stay out of the ring. The ring is a dangerous game and he's a dangerous player.

6. To whom does your character owe loyalty to? Maybe a faction leader, a tag partner, or even the commissioner and owner.

GPA. Himself.

7. What are your character's favorite and least favorite things? Expand on this, tell why.

Loves to have a good time, make his foes feel like ****.

Hates loudmouths and braggards if you can't back it up get the hell out. Also, hates people that promise too much. Beat me if you can, or don't but don't keep saying how your the ultimate badass.

8. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? Maybe they mumble when it's quiet, or does he/she always look at one person in a particular way? This can be anything from catchphrases to putting an opponent through a table after every match.

I think doing the Hangover regardless would be a fun mannerism for his mind. To hurt his foe win or lose.

Big Daddy Ravage in tha House!

9. What is your character's psychology? Delve into his mind, give his reasons. What is his mindset?

To win. Plain and simple, he will do what ever is needed to win. At the point now where a belt would look pretty sharp on him.

10. How would your character's parents describe him? This is most useful because it makes you look at him/her from the outside perspective of the parents, who can be the most supportive and critical people in his life.

They don't like what he has become. He is obsessed with winning and little else and will do whatever he has to to accomplish this. However they are too afraid to tell him this.

11. What are your character's highest ambitions? It doesn't have to be limited to in-ring achievement.

To mainevent a PPV against the best in the AWF.
To have fan's regardless of his heel status want to be like him in terms of work ethic.

12. What is your character's ultimate goal? What's the one thing, above all else that he does what he does?

Gold and titles.

13. Does your character have a secret? And if so, what would happen if it were found out?

Not that I know of. But I should think of something.

14. What does your character do to relax?

Go out and drink, have a good time with his friends or take a ride in his Dodge Viper. Listen to some metal, play some Mech Warrior Mercs on PC or GTA. Look for collectables.

15. If your character was given $100, what would he do with it?

Go out party and buy the peeps he is with a round of drinks.

16. Which superstar does your character most want to face in the ring? Why?

G91 again, Warp, Sean o Con, TC or Viewfind. As to him they are the best in the ring and thats that.

17. What are the designs of your character's tights/leotard? Do you have a logo?

No just bluejeans and the jersey.

New BDR black t-shirt says BDR on the front and Big Daddy Ravage in Tha House on the back.

18. Who is your character's closest friend?

Right now TC and the GPA.

19. Who does your character love? Hate? Fear?

Loves winning and to a degree having fun doing it.

Hates losing.

Fears injury that makes him have to leave this sport.

20. If you could give your character one piece of advice, what would it be?

Winning is good but if possible remember some day it's not quite everything. There might be a winner in nuclear war but who would want to claim to have won?

The bunnies, they give me knowledge it is neat.

The only necessity for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

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