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Name: OP2005 "Thy Worst Nightmare"

Nicknames: OP, The Highlander From Hell and Thy Worst Nightmare

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Entrance Music: Welcome To My Nightmare - Alice Cooper

Style Most Resembles: Original Kane style more power. Something of a similar personality but mixed with the Ministry Undertaker and a little demented.

Face/Heel: Heel

Finishing Moves:
GraveDigger ( Double Powerbomb turned into Tombstone)
The Shining ( A Big Boot to the face)

Finishing Submission Moves:
Nightmare (Trying to pull the opponent's head off of their shoulders basically but with bruite force and Ruthless Agression!)
Sarcasm? (Boston Crab)

Notes: This guy has seen many things, been buried alive once, killed a man. He's a little warped in the mind these days like a Mankind. He's similar to a sort of Kane type character of the past. Scary but of few words.

Op's Mask


1. How would you describe your character? Start with the obvious; physically, color hair and eyes even. Remember the style of wrestling your character incorporates.

Op's 6ft5, about 280lbs. He has short black hair and he has blue/green eyes. OP always uses his strength to get the advantage. His power is by most means almost unstoppable.
He in no lucha and may not be very speedy but he is a mammoth of strengh, resistance, technacality and some times submissive.

2. What is your character's main motivation? What drives him/her to do what they do, to act how they act?

Hate. He hates everyone and everything in the world. Nothing more fuels him than the hate of people, unfortunately he doesn't incorporate the fans into this ATM but if their attitudes change an they begin toi hate him more he will use it as a fuel source.

3. Who does your character trust most? Could be a faction member or family member even.

OP don't trust a damn soul.

4. What is your character's greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

Op's greatest strengh is his power and mindset. He is not only smart in brawn but also in the mind and uses this against his opponents.

5. What are your character's prejudices? Does he/she have any at all, be it about other wrestlers or even people in general?

OP just hates everyone and everything. Wishes death upon most things.

6. To whom does your character owe loyalty to? Maybe a faction leader, a tag partner, or even the commissioner and owner.

OP is ownly loyal to himself and no one else.

7. What are your character's favorite and least favorite things? Expand on this, tell why.

Favourite- Being Hated. It fuels him, all the rage and the anger makes him more powerful. He also likes to get the advantage, when he is winning he sometimes becomes careless but most of the time will get more "powered up" to destroy his opponent.

Least Favourite - The Superstars of the AWF. He will attack them all until he wins everytime and destroys them all.

8. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? Maybe they mumble when it's quiet, or does he/she always look at one person in a particular way? This can be anything from catchphrases to putting an opponent through a table after every match.

Op usually has a menacing stare and a sick smile after he wins or loses. Even after a match he would still attack his opponent with a sick smile and menacing stare.

He also likes to use the phrases, "Thy Worst Nightmare!", "The Highlander From Hell" and of course speaks of himself in the third person.

9. What is your character's psychology? Delve into his mind, give his reasons. What is his mindset?

OP is a bit of a tortured soul and a tough bast**d. Inside his mind he thinks about the business, his brother, the only family member he has left. He hates his family for ignoring him and making him what he is, a monster fueled by hate.

When he was small, he only wanted to be normal, the hospital diagnosed him with split personality disorder. This occurred once throughout his career but was destroyed when the hate took over.

OP couldn't handle the abuse at home. Every night he would be beated badly in some way or another by his family so one night, on his own birthday, he decided to take a knife and murder both of his parents. Had his brother not have been out of town he would have murdered him.

This information is only within OP. It made him fully what he is. No one else knows but if they did he would destroy them, just like his parents.

10. How would your character's parents describe him? This is most useful because it makes you look at him/her from the outside perspective of the parents, who can be the most supportive and critical people in his life.

If they were alive they would HATE what he had become. He killed them and so never got a chance. They hated his birth though, that is why they beat him. They would call him a failure and hit him with anything they could find. They never wanted to have another child, he was considered an accident....

11. What are your character's highest ambitions? It doesn't have to be limited to in-ring achievement.

To rid the world of the evil that his came over it
OP sees himself as the good, not the reverse.

12. What is your character's ultimate goal? What's the one thing, above all else that he does what he does?

His ongoing struggle to capture the championships and to purify the world as he knows it.

13. Does your character have a secret? And if so, what would happen if it were found out?

As mentioned before, his whole life is really a secret. No one really knows how he came about as mentioned previously. If anyone did proceed to find out or get close, he would destroy them, maybe even kill them.

14. What does your character do to relax?

He sits in his darkened room with a candle and some "Dark" books.

15. If your character was given $100, what would he do with it?

He would probably buy his parents a coffin. Their bodies are still in his, now defunct, home.

16. Which superstar does your character most want to face in the ring? Why?

The champion, for the chance to be champion.

17. What are the designs of your character's tights/leotard? Do you have a logo? (edited to costume)

All black upon entering the ring.
Tights consist of OP2005 and the logo.
Logo consists on a flaming red skull with two white eyes on it.
Picture coming soon.

18. Who is your character's closest friend?

He has no friends. Only enimies.

19. Who does your character love? Hate? Fear?

OP only hates. He hates everyone, loves no one, fears no one.

20. If you could give your character one piece of advice, what would it be?

See a phycologist or something. You need to get checked out and hopefully "repaired".

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