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Up to THREE reviews may be claimed at a time. No new claims may be made whilst existing claims are open. The standard deadline for reviews is TWO WEEKS, to give everyone a fair chance — please get in touch if you run into problems such as a dead computer, as there's some flexibility with this.

Claims for unreleased toys are at the discretion of moderators, and don't fill review slots. However, we do aim to keep things free from hogging.

We're still entirely interested in reviews of the older lines.

Please have a quick look on the site and around this sub-forum before claiming reviews. Usual multiple review policy: if you've got something substantially different to say about a figure, we'll allow a second review of it. Otherwise, we prefer not to duplicate content.

Please check submissions... try if you don't have other editing software.

Also, please use this thread for sorting out claims only, not general chat.
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