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Originally posted by ~*ShadowDancer*~
And after posting the above he *still* insisted on starting up a conversation with me about similar outfits...despite knowing that I don't appreciate being viewed as some form of sex object and that suggesting I get similar attire would get him into serious trouble with me!

Someone show me the logic in this behaviour please?
If I may step in? I wouldn't take it offensively or think that his motivation would only be to see you as a sexual object. It's ok to dress up and act trampy or fulfill each other's little fantasies (even if they are sometimes lame) as long as you both know you respect each other. I think Jonin respects you enough to be able to see you in something kinky but not see you purely as a sexual object. Certainly, it is a sexual thing, but it doesn't mean he respects you less or sees you differently.
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