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Originally posted by DrEvil
anyway this TPB would only be good if you wanted to see 1 or two extra pages of artwork, like alternate covers and such but if you have all the issues, or are only missing a couple its just a waste and a way for DW to pop the money outta ya
I'm afraid I have no idea what your angle is. All TPBs are like that; chances are if they put another thirty profiles in, everyone would whine. ALL TPBs simply collect out of print material. Think about this - why should this one be any different? You don't have to buy it, and anyone missing a couple of issues has the simple choice of choosing between the TPB or taking chances on finding the missing issues... I doubt anyone seriously wants all 8 issues and the TPB... they'll either stick with the former, or buy the latter and sell the original issues for a bomb on ebay.

I mean, what the Hell?!?
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