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Originally posted by fort_max
Is it just me, or does the box art make Crystal Widow look like she's giving Oil Slick the finger?
Lol.. thats kind of funny.. looks like she's giving him the double finger.

Originally posted by Alpha Trion
It doesn't help matters that another Side Swipe repaint will be in a different Battle in a Box set. It's a Decepticon named Treadshot, who's colors look far too similar to Oil Slick.
At least in that other set, there is Ultra Magnus. I even admit that I like the repaint of Smokescreen in those pictures from that link.

But this set does seem redundant. Hasbro seems to be just throwing out more crap to make people not sure of what they want.. or to make collectors spend more money. I'd rather them only have a few toys out, that way I can say I've got em all..
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