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Can't think what IE wouldn't like... and bear in mind I also use it, just not as my main browser. Again, it loads really fast over dial-up. Faster than Firefox, actually.

Has anyone managed to hack a system to run IE 5, 5.5 and 6.0 concurrently? I can't test with anything older than 6.0

There's nothing in the code which should make the slightest bit of difference. On the other hand, the news block is generated from the SQL service... if that's running slowly, and you have a browser which waits for the entire page to load before displaying it, it's going to be slow.

edit: Okay, am downloading standalone versions of old IE versions from...

So far the site works fine in IE 6, IE 5.01sp2, Firefox 0.8 and Opera 7.whateverthey'vebodgedittothisweek

edit2: Also works in IE 5.5sp2, IE 4.01 and 3.0 (it really, really f*cks up in 3.0 ...but it works.)
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