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thinks puppet Angel David Boreanaz is dreamy...
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...especially when he was kicking Spike's ass. ;)

Originally posted by Sir Auros
Uh, sure, I respect your authority...
Cut the sarcasm.

Originally posted by Sir Auros
Seriously, I didn't do a goddamn thing wrong handling Windrazor. I told him politely that his sig was too big and he mouthed off and made himself look a fool. Then, I told him again, more firmly this time, that he had to resize his sig and I reported him to the mods in the hope that someone halfway competent would step in and deal with the halfwit...instead I got you.
Well, you could have decided to do it via PM's instead of posting it in the thread. It would have kept the argument out of here, thus greatly lowering the risk that it would get off track. Unfortunately, and quite unsurprisingly, it did.

And I did deal with him...much better than you did, I might add.

Originally posted by Sir Auros
Since when is telling someone they're breaking the rules an offense if you're not a mod?
Since it has the potential to send the topic off track...which, in this case, is too late to make a difference, since it already has.

Originally posted by Blaster
Reminicent of Rock on Cliffy anyone?
And here I was thinking you couldn't be any dumber...
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