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Originally posted by Bombshell
Cut the sarcasm.
Cut the crappy modding.

Well, you could have decided to do it via PM's instead of posting it in the thread. It would have kept the argument out of here, thus greatly lowering the risk that it wouldn't get off track. Unfortunately, and quite unsurprisingly, it did.
Yeah, except if he weren't a goddamn touchy moron and a normal person instead, his response would have been something reasonable along the lines of, "Oh, sorry, didn't realize it was too big. I'll go change it now," not the inflammatory reaction he gave.

And I did deal with him...much better than you did, I might add.
You're so delusional I don't know if it's funny or just pathetic.

Since it has the potential to send the topic off track...which, in this case, is too late to make a difference, since it already has.
Again, that's the fault of that cockbite, not my politely telling him his sigpic was too big.

And here I was thinking you couldn't be any dumber...

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