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If you can help with missing images, please post in this thread.

There's a list of images needed now here:

If you've posted reviews in this forum and they've yet to be uploaded, please attach photos to those threads and leave this one for photos that need adding to reviews already on the site.

* * *

1 - Please use a clean white backdrop for photos wherever possible. Posterboard (or just a large sheet of paper) is cheap, and massively improves the photos.

2 - Please don't submit photos smaller than 640x480 (landscape) or 480x640 (portrait) resolution, as they aren't large enough for us to work with.

3 - It would help if you named files to roughly the format used on the site... eg, nameofrobotwithoutspaces_alt, nameofrobotwithoutspaces_robot and so on.

4 - Only photos you've taken yourself, please. Occasionally we'll work out an arrangement with another site for a figure that's particularly rare, but it's impolite to pester anyone repeatedly and we won't use their material without permission.
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