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Default Titan Reprints of Black and White Stories For 2005

In one of the Transformers threads over at Outpost Gallfrey Estall has posted a reply to an email he sent to Titan asking if the Movie adaption would be reprinted:

'Thanks for your email and please accept my apologies for taking so long to reply but we have had a change of staff and reader feedback has suffered. There are currently no plans to reprint the Transformers: The Movie material. I’m not entirely sure why but that is the current state of play.

Although we have published the last in our series of books in the large UK format we will be releasing the black and white material (which is, as yet, uncollected) from the Transformers UK comics in smaller ‘manga’ sized books. Although a publication date has not yet been set for the first book it will hopefully be in the first quarter of next year'.

(The original thread can be seen here:

I assume the Manga size has been inspired by Dreamwaves "pocket books" (either that or they've deliberately set out to annoy me by not giving the reprints a uniform size...), but still no word on if they'll be in colour or not.
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