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Addtional information from e-newsletter


The first Titan collection of the rarely seen (outside the UK) Marvel UK
black & white Transformers comic strip material will be "Aspects of Evil"
(collecting the 5-part "Aspects of Evil" story from TF UK #223-227, plus
#251-254, #235-236, #240 and #245-247). All stories are written by Simon Furman and the line-up of artists includes Andrew Wildman, Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson and Simon Coleby. The collection ? the first of five ? will be published in b&w manga format in May 05. At some point thereafter, a full-sized colour edition with extra features and bonus strip material, will also be available. For details of all Titan?s Transformers collections, visit "

? the first of five ? looks like that, because my email-program couldn't recognize the marks. So, small b&w version, big coloured version. Not bad IMO, but I quess not everyine's going to like the decision.
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