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Originally posted Don Murphy
Just prior to leaving for five glorious days on the beach I sat down withe the producers and John Rogers and went over where the story was going.

Remember - everything you post is read (at least by me) and when there seems to be a consensus it will be addressed if at all possible.

For example, a huge amount of fans want Cullen and Welker. While the truth is (no matter what you read anywhere else) that no one has been approached to do ANY voices (the process of filmmaking will make that the final decision of the director) it is something that has been heard and will be addressed when the time comes.

I can't go into where the story is going, only to say John is great and I have invited him on to the board.

And to put an end to a controversy that I never understood, I am pleased to tell you that John HAS come up with a plausible explanation that will allow some of the bots to mass/size shift.

This was important to a lot of you and I wanted you to know you have been heard.

Will it work? Will it be any good? Will it make it on to the screen? Who the hell knows?

The only thing I know for sure is we're trying here.
Originally posted by Don Murphy
It's still early days with Simon- all I ever said was that we had a great first meeting. Remember that Tom Desanto knows the mythology better than probably anyone. And that this film, the first in hopefully a series, is not supposed to be too mythology heavy. We want to get every day folks to come as well as fans- and then rope them in for good. Who knows....
Originally posted by ks68

I have some questions:

Have you met with anyone from any car company such as Ford, GM, DaimlerChrysler, etc. yet for alt modes?

Also, in Optimus' case, have you met with anyone from Mack, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, Freightliner, and International yet?

Would foreign military vehicles (planes, tanks, helicopters) be considered as alt modes for some of the Decepticons?
Originally posted by Don Murphy


Looking for a complete Energon Sky Shadow (from Superion Maximus).
Offering: Binaltech Hound, Swindle, Ravage (Corvette), Skids.
Can buy in stores: Robot Heroes Tigatron/Inferno, Ricochet/Predaking.
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