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Someone in the skyes love me, or Don take a moment to read the post in his forum ... :-)

1st mass/size shift = i really want Sondwave and the cassette in this film, if possible ....

2nd sequel = the Xmen approach to a story is make a film, then a sequel, then a spin-off (Wolverine only) or another sequel ... why not? Since they have a plausible story ... i hate the Armada timeline because every series is ... ten year after (something) ...

3rd realistic alt mode = a question: this is a G1 film, so why the toyline seems rensemble some sort of Alternator? Budget?

This is the first time that I have read anything that Murphy has written and not despaired. I'm actually ever-so-slightly encouraged that this movie might be decent after all. Here's hoping.
I hope this film will be better than a decent film, despite i despaired since now .... time will tell us the story of a wonderful film, or the story of a wonderful delusion ....
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