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Originally posted by Screamwaves7
Random fanboy crap...
-Welker and Cullen are good, but they're hardly a necessity.

-Energon is hardly crap. Armada and RID are iffy, but they're not any worse than the original cartoon.

-The only non-biographical movie set in the eighties that wasn't crap was Donnie Darko. I hardly think this is going to be that good.

-Never mind the fact that most of their original alt modes aren't even available any more, making commercial tie-ins incredibly difficult.

-Spike and Sparkplug were crap. I've yet to see any official media that didn't make me want to strangle them both.

-Soundwave may happen, but in an altered form. Cassetticons, same deal. In case you haven't noticed, cassette players aren't exactly what you'd call "relevant" anymore.

Just so you're aware, it's 2004. Gen 1 ended 15 years ago (for America). I'd suggest you come to terms.
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