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I've said it before*, new members should be made to take an IQ test. Or maybe a "Are You a Fanboy Wanker?" test. At times like this, I really do feel for the guys who just like G1 and would just like to, if possible, see a movie quite close to the stuff they like. Tossers like this must make them so ashamed - y'know, like a Christian who just reads the bible and lives by some of its less psychotic ideals when he sees some tacky wideboy evangelist?

In an ideal world, I'd love to see a Marvel-comic based movie with unchanged characters and the like. It won't happen, I dealt with that very, very quickly [I never thought there'd be a chance, basically, because I have reason and intelligence], and moved on. Just because this thing isn't going to going to fulfil one of my daydreams [my actual dreams just tend to be about odd things happening at work...] doesn't mean it's going to be a piece of crap.

Some of these guys need to smell the coffee. G1, the part of it some of you want the franchise to snap back to, was 20 years ago. Things have moved on. You want a carbon copy of ****ing 1984? Get the Season 1 DVDs, an old calendar, some Huey Lewis & the News, spend a bomb on some very hit-and-miss toys, and sit in your dank ****ing basements locked down there and keep the **** away from the real people.

* Actually, it might have been Denyer, in which case I'm stealing it and he's welcome to try and stop me. Well, maybe not try, as he'll probably succeed. Maybe just glare at me for a bit and I'll say sorry?

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