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Found some more news from John Rogers over at Seibertron. This was posted by someone called Sideshow Sideswipe and his source was You can read the original article here.

John Rogers stopped by the Don Murphy message board again to reveal some more information about the Summer 2006 transformers movie.

"I posted, what, yesterday? And already 10 PAGES of responses? I promised my self not to come back too often, but when somebody told me, I had to see for myself. You guys are amazing.

Okay, last post for a while. I'll check back in when the script is done. in the meantime, I'll address some randomly selected questions from those 10 pages.

1.) Specific design stuff like eye color, etc., will be determined by the Hasbro and concept art humans. Not my gig. But I'm meeting with the toy folk this week, and have been told they have some very strict guidelines, and interesting ideas.

2.) No, Witwicky isn't gay. Err, wow. The "kind of" meant that you'll recognize the girlfriend's character name, but she doesn't start out as his girfriend.

3.)There's no "Autobots=american cars, Decepticons=foreign models" paradigm. There is a big difference between the two, however ...

4) The TF's are being chosen because of their personalities. That's more important to the process of treating them like real characters than the alt-forms to me. Of course, I could be wrong. I probably am wrong. But to paraphrase Ash: "Good. Bad. I'm the one with the word processor."

95% of the TF's are like 95% of the originals, no worries. But like no yellow spandex and organic webshooters, some stuff just looks better on film. That's why it's film.

5.)Enough from you cassette playa-hata's out there.

6.)Modern day setting.

7.) No Triple-Changers -- that "more than one Alt-form" was a reference to something else.

8.) You'll see other countries.

9.) [fanboy joking tone] Maybe it's me, but Megatron doesn't need to become a wee little gun because he's Megatron, intergalactic kicker of @sses, and he doesn't hide from no stinking humans [/end fanboy joking tone].

10.) The guy who changed his name to Optimus Prime: Seriously. You just scared the hell out of me.

Peace out, and remember, the entire movie will be centered around Chorostop.


Is it just me or was Rogers' busting on fanboys pretty damn funny?

Thanks, Zeeks! Great job!

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