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Originally posted by Whirl's Rear Rotor
Could the "Coolest High-Octane Brother" remark possibly mean Jazz? You know, in the Shaft sense of brother? If he's working on personalities, Jazz has a much more defined personality than the Lamborghini brothers - it'd make a more sensible choice. And I think more people who only have a vague recollection of the cartoon would remember Jazz. Personally, I'd rather see him than either of the Lambos.
Me too...mostly because he's the second in command guy. I know there's probably been a lot of speculation...but if I had to choose based on personalities for the 6 characters or so I'd think Rachet (medic), Ironhide (war hero), Wheeljack (mechanic), Jazz (2nd-in-command), Prowl (security), and then of course Prime.

It does seem rather odd that they'd only do one of the lamborghini brothers...they really never had much of a personality of their seemed like it was just always "them." Know what I mean?

But...I think Sideswipe would be the better choice for the first movie, then introduce Sunstreaker in the second (show the nice guy first...then give him conflict by having his jerk of a brother show up and push him around).

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