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Default Bad news?

Well, I don't know if my opinions agree with popular opinion but I am very disheartened to learn that Sarracini will be taking over the G1 ongoing. While I thought that V1 was a nice story, alot of the characterisations were very off, and when Mick took over I felt things moved up a notch. V2 was a superb bit of storytelling with excellent characters, feeling the way most of the G1 characters should! I loved the epic feel of V2 with many of the g1 characters that were never seen together, all in the same story! Wonderful! Then the combination of Mick and Patyk raised the whole thing onto another level. Ongoing 1-6 (mostly just Mick)were great , 7-8 were interesting but 9 and 10 are outstanding! The combination of the whole epic feel combined with Megatron doing what he should always be doing, pulling the rest into line, uniting all his opponents to his cause through force, kinda the exact opposite of Prime, is just wonderful! I also love the little snippits of the movie that they wrote in with Starscream dumping Megatron in space and the shot of Prowl and the others heading back to Earth, just like in the movie, had me thinking oh crap they're all gonna die!

Just when I thought that the ongoing was gonna turn into the best thing I've ever read, the news arrives that Mick and Patyk have left DW! Ouch! And reading the interview with Sarracini just left me thinking that everything is gonna change and his comment of "I definitely want to breathe new life into the series…bring a fresh perspective" left me thinking what was wrong with the old perspective? Is there some grudge here over Mick getting the G1 series??

I am astonished that DW could let what I think is the best TF story I've seen disappear. I hope it turns out better than I am expecting!
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