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Originally posted by Neuronutter
Is there some grudge here over Mick getting the G1 series??
With us? No, not really, although consensus on the board is Vol. 2 was crap, and crap in a different way to Vol. 1. I really can't make my mind up which I preferred as both had huge storytelling problems - and both could have been much better in the hands of a more capable writer [no point naming names here, as I think most writers could have done better with the resources avaliable - i.e. everything which could be included in a G1 comic, plus some imagination], and with a less dictatorial self-styled superstar artist. The first arc of Vol. 3 was pretty decent, but a bit over-rated - I think people were so overjoyed to have something readable they went a little overboard in the praise. Sadly, the subsequent 3 issues [I haven't read #10 yet] to me revealed the limitations of Mick especially - a lack of focus, and having far too many characters he wants to play with.

With DW? No, not with him taking over. The problem with James at DW is that he wanted money, and when they refused to pay him, went to news sources rather than just shutting up. DW are basically putting out whatever positive material on Sarracini they can find [e.g. citing the huge sales of Vol. 1] to deflect from the negative press received over the McDonough/Patyk sackings... I think we're meant to believe that James and Adam were on their way out anyway... O_o

With Chris? Hmm, doubt he's got anything against Mad Brick personally... if I was him I'd be a bit irked about DW, myself - after receiving a lot of criticism over the scripts for Vol. 1, a lot of which may not have been his fault [with him back in at DW, we might not find out what for definite for a while, but there's decent evidence to prove Lee dictated a lot of the content and storyline], he was then confirmed as writer for Vol. 2 [with things like the inital poster, and preview in the Prime Directive TPB easy to see as a vote of confidence], only to be suddenly dropped and replaced with some kid no-one had ever heard of. However, it's in both his own interests and to the liking of Fuhrer Lee for him to talk himself up and not give full credit to his predecessor - the first part at least is part of these press releases. No new writer's going to say "well, he was great, so my stuff's going to be crap, really, Just get his stuff in TPB"... In more clement situations, there might be some praise of the outgoing writers, but not when the company's pissed at them.

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