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Thanx Cliffjumper. I just wondered what general consensus over vols 1-3 were and how James and Adam leaving DW was received? Personally I think Vol 2 was better than 3, but i'm kinda new to the comics and though i've read the first coupla hundred, i'm still gettin' used to the mythology and how everything fits together with the previous stories.

Why is everyone so anti-Brad Mick, I mean Mad Brick? That's a bit harsh. He must really be loathed! Wondered where that came from? Is the general consensus that he's murdered the G1 stories? From what i've read i thought he was truer to G1 than Sarracini, but then G1 Furman or Budiansky? Character portrayal varies so much between them.

Lmk what you think of #10. My feeling is that it is building up well, and that it will probably be destroyed by all the DW situation.
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