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Originally posted by Neuronutter
Why is everyone so anti-Brad Mick, I mean Mad Brick? That's a bit harsh. He must really be loathed! Wondered where that came from?
Put it this way, ripping off prominent chunks of TF:TM in Volume 2 was one of the least subtle things I've seen any writer do. Misrepresenting himself as a fresh new face when there was a DW creative director behind the pseudonym was also a rather bad move.

Other than that, I think his problems were straining to show off how much of a fan he is and lacking the writing skills to pace and to control subplots. With a good editor these things wouldn't have been a problem, but Dreamwave has no quality control—they don't even appear to proofread material before sending it to press.

Had he been writing an ongoing from the point he came onboard (and maybe refrained from retconning Volume 1 out completely, which wasted story space) I suspect many people would be a lot happier about his stint.

Incidentally, assuming claims to be true I'm far more in the court of McDonough and Patyk than that of Dreamwave—it doesn't matter what I think of their writing.
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