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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Denyer
[B]Put it this way, ripping off prominent chunks of TF:TM in Volume 2 was one of the least subtle things I've seen any writer do. Misrepresenting himself as a fresh new face when there was a DW creative director behind the pseudonym was also a rather bad move.

I actually really liked the sections James used from the movie I guess 'cause it reminded me how much I love the movie and what I think of as some of the best scenes from G1, but I can see how it would probably be seen as a bad thing. I just kinda fitted it into the "new" DW TF universe as nods to the previous work.

I also really liked the pages in #10 where Prowl and co are heading back to Earth cause that reminded me of the movie again, specifically when Prowl and co die. I was reading it praying that he'd keep them in the comic a little longer!

What did you mean "retconning Vol 1 out completely" Denyer? And why don't you like Lee's artwork, Blacknife? I think that Don's work on #9 and #10 is excellent so I'm sad to hear Pat Lee will be back on G1. And yeah i'd agree that most of the comics could've been handled better had DW had quality control and writers who knew more about the Transformers, but hey i'm just glad they're back in print. I also thought they were getting better as they went on and when Patyk was brought on i thought they improved again and they seemed to sort out the "voices" of some of the characters.
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