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Originally posted by Neuronutter
I actually really liked the sections James used from the movie I guess 'cause it reminded me how much I love the movie and what I think of as some of the best scenes from G1, but I can see how it would probably be seen as a bad thing. I just kinda fitted it into the "new" DW TF universe as nods to the previous work.
But there's a difference between "throwing in the occassional nod to the source material to make the fans happy" and "lifting entire storylines because you can't be bothered to come up with something original". That, combined with the incessant, pointless cameos, made it really difficult to consider it a serious attempt at storytelling.

And why don't you like Lee's artwork, Blacknife?
If I may...

When Lee's first TF artwork showed up, it was really good. But then, it's not difficult (relatively speaking) to do a poster or a litho, as all you need is a fairly dynamic pose. There isn't any sort of visual storytelling involved, so, as far as anyone knew, Lee was quite the capable artist.

Then the first Generation 1 mini-series came along. Lee's pacing and storytelling abilities fell far short of what one would expect of a professional comic artist. I often had to reread pages six or seven times before I figured out what Lee was going for, and it honestly shouldn't be that way.

Unfortunately, things got even worse with Volume 2, as Lee's art style changed dramatically. His TFs suddenly started looking much too round and organic, which wouldn't be a problem if he were doing Beast Wars. Unfortunately, this was Gen 1, which was characterized by robots that were fairly bricky.

Some have tried to say that the change in his art came from his manga influences, but I don't really see how it matters.
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