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Pfff, they'll just largely ignore things. Chris' Vol. 2 Preview was ignored by the Vol. 2 team, and no-one seemed to care.

Personally, though, they'll probably wrap everything up very quickly, and start on their own story - much the same way as Vol. 2 did. Aside from a few deliberate changes and continuity flubs [and let's face it, other DW material [b]and[/i] Marvel material had several of these], Vol. 2 didn't really contradict Vol. 1 on a massive scale - to be honest, there have been more pathetic cop-outs than the Wheeljack thing written by one writer... I suspect more of the same.

One question/thought, though... I'm very surprised McDontyk have much of a claim to what they've done for a corporate-owned comic. I always gathered the general arrangment for these things was that all work was owned by either the comic company or Hasbro - for example, this was why Furman did that advert thing for DH [though I think it turned out Marvel owned him anyway, unless Furman just thought of the royalties for DH2]... It's hard to imagine Bob Bud trying to take the tech specs and Underbase with him if he'd wanted from Marvel. And how does the McDontyk thing work anyway? Surely they can't lay much of a claim to, say, G1 MTMTE, as it was 90% recycled material from TFU and tech specs anyway?*

I'm kinda torn on the outcome, too. On the one hand, the principle of the thing, I support McDonough and Patyk, though as someone raised on TFormers, I find it astonishing payment for work like Micromasters wasn't discussed at some point before its' completion... But on the other hand, they're not a wildly talented, hugely likeable pair of individuals [actually, I can only say the latter for Patyk, as I've never really read much about McDonough, though the pen-name thing seemed a bit childish and pointless], and them winning their wages won't really light up my life... I'd prefer not to have another great big DW TF ****-up.

* = Incidentally, I'm rather pissed that Bob didn't get any credit for this.
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