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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Or could it be some of us like both the basic mould, and the rather nifty colour scheme, and are just simply glad a nice toy is finally actually a realistic purchase for us?

Just because some tossers use a toy's exclusivity as some sort of gloat factor doesn't mean it's not a decent toy. Loved the way you said that about Artfire, btw, and then say you're hoping for a blue Bluestreak - at least Artfire's a Transformer...
My question of why was more in wonderment of how many people would buy it. If there's a rather large demand for it amongst TF fans, then that makes sense to reissue it.

As for blue Bluestreak being a Transformer, well he was certainly advertised that way at least twice to my knowledge. Once in the 1984 catalogue and the other on the Takara Meister reissue recently, Autobot symbol and all. Those particular colors weren't issued for the G1 version of Bluestreak, but then again, G1 Arcee, Impactor, Rack-n-Ruin, Emirate Xaarote, and others never had official toys and they were considered Transformers. If they can be considered TFs, then why not the blue version of Bluestreak?
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