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Because it wasn't, unlike those you list, ever used as a Transformer in any media... Accidental box-art or catalogue uses aren't really media, are they? Or maybe half the stuff Hasbro have cocked up invarious advertising stages count as modes and fiures as well? Maybe we can have the Special Edition Half-Arsed RiD Ultra Magnus Truck Mode or something?

The figure's never been issued as a Transformer. The comparisons with Arcee and the Marvel characters are rather spurious and irrelevant, as there's no comparison situation... they're all unique characters. Bluestreak was a silver Datsun, right? With an "anime" look that involved some black, right? Then who's the blue guy? Some unseen version, like Character Development Bluestreak, or Vaguely Decent Dialgoue Bluestreak? Or maybe just an unused Diaclone scheme that got a bit more exposure than most becuse Hasbro could care less how much their catalgoues ressembled the line, and didn't realise people would care about box art, and also got helped out a bit by fans misunderstanding his name?

Mind, Takara in part and eHobby in particular are making it up as they go along, so who knows?

As for how many would be interested in Artfire, I'd say at least as many as were interested in Stepper or Soundblaster, and considerably more than would be interested in a reissue of six common-as-muck Minibots, three even commoner Insecticons, or 50+% of eHobby's output.
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