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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Because it wasn't, unlike those you list, ever used as a Transformer in any media... Accidental box-art or catalogue uses aren't really media, are they?

Advertising the same thing on two separate occasions with nearly a 20-year gap is considered accidental? If it was done once and never again, then yes, I would consider that a mistake, but twice is a little hard to swallow.

From my understanding, the word "media" stands for a means of mass communication. Considering the 1984 catalogue scan came with every figure in 1984 and such, would that not be considered media since it's an advertisement even if it was fairly focused on the people who already bought a figure in 1984?

Or maybe half the stuff Hasbro have cocked up invarious advertising stages count as modes and fiures as well? Maybe we can have the Special Edition Half-Arsed RiD Ultra Magnus Truck Mode or something?

If it worked for Hauler and Sunstorm since they were originally cartoon one-timers/goof-ups, then why not?

The figure's never been issued as a Transformer.

True, but does it really need to be issued to be considered a TF or is a picture of a Blue Autobot with a symbol on his foot enough to consider it one while appearing under the Transformer banner?

The comparisons with Arcee and the Marvel characters are rather spurious and irrelevant, as there's no comparison situation... they're all unique characters.

From my understanding, there is a comparison, that being they've all shown up in media but never in toyform.

Bluestreak was a silver Datsun, right?

Yes, in released toy form.

With an "anime" look that involved some black, right?


Then who's the blue guy?

Apparently the 1984 catalogue and the 2003/4 Meister catalogue version of Bluestreak.

Some unseen version, like Character Development Bluestreak, or Vaguely Decent Dialgoue Bluestreak? Or maybe just an unused Diaclone scheme that got a bit more exposure than most becuse Hasbro could care less how much their catalgoues ressembled the line, and didn't realise people would care about box art, and also got helped out a bit by fans misunderstanding his name?

Maybe. I don't know what went on back then that caused the catalogue advertisement, the actual toy, and the anime version to look so different for each version of Bluestreak. If we knew the answer to that, then maybe we'll get an answer for the Rumble and Frenzy mix-up.

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