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Advertising the same thing on two separate occasions with nearly a 20-year gap is considered accidental? If it was done once and never again, then yes, I would consider that a mistake, but twice is a little hard to swallow.
What colour are Shockwave's shoulder pads? Really, I don't see what the frequency of the mistake has to do with things.

From my understanding, the word "media" stands for a means of mass communication. Considering the 1984 catalogue scan came with every figure in 1984 and such, would that not be considered media since it's an advertisement even if it was fairly focused on the people who already bought a figure in 1984?
Yep, poor choice of term in "media" by me. Fiction would be a better one. The character's history of representation comes to a couple of catalogues [can anyone give me a bit more background on the Meister reissue thing? Was it a scan? Or those lists of each year's toys in the data file bit? Because if it was in that, either Takara made a mistake, or it was a nod to fans... it's not entirely impossible they're using the original 1984 advertising shots for those things, is it? I mean, can you see them buying the F-SRL line in mint 100% condition, and photographing them?] and some box art [and I'm sure it's not the only boxart error in history either...]. The character, in effect, is not a character. It's a miscoloured Bluestreak, no more of an individual character than the red Reflector robot in TF:TM. Artfire, however, had a unique tech spec, and a bloody name. He was also released as a Transformer.

If it worked for Hauler and Sunstorm since they were originally cartoon one-timers/goof-ups, then why not?
Hey, sure, eHobby haven't done a Datsun recolour for ages, there's only about 52 variants avaliable [though I would've thought we'd have seen it before Pointless Chrome Streak]. I'm not saying "THIS TOY SHOULD NEVAR B A TFORMER THAT WULD BE A TRAVESTY ONE!". I'm saying it hasn't been a Transformer, yet, and that Artfire is a much more viable reissue.

Maybe. I don't know what went on back then that caused the catalogue advertisement, the actual toy, and the anime version to look so different for each version of Bluestreak. If we knew the answer to that, then maybe we'll get an answer for the Rumble and Frenzy mix-up.
Actually, this has been about as solved as it's likely to get. It's 99% certain that the cartoon's variances in scheme compared to the toyline and the comic model sheets [any differation from the latter is entirely due to the ineptitude of Crayola Yomtov] was because, with an animated cartoon, Sunbow had to get cracking earlier. Therefore may models were later tweaked. It's also entirely possible some changes were made for cosmetic reasons - Thundercracker's blue was made lighter to contrast him more with Skywarp, Ironhide was given balck to make him less monotonous, and it's possible Bluestreak was given the black for the same reason, though the "anime" scheme being a Diaclone makes the latter unlikely.

There was a whole mess of schemes being thrown around on what seems to have been a very tight schedule, and I expect sooner or later Sunbow just had to start work, and then Hasbro simply changed which of the three 'standard' Datsuns they were going with [actually, as an aside... off the top of my head, none of the 1984 cars have "extra" paint apps like the ones on Anime Streak, do they? It could be they went for the cheapest avaliable scheme] too late for Sunbow to change it. The boxart was most likely a mistake which Hasbro didn't care to change, and I expect their packaging team from '84 would be laughing their arses off at the "blue Bluestreak" myth they created by wanting to hurry up and knock off for lunch.

The Rumble/Frenzy mix-up is actually solved... Sunbow, at an early stage, messed up, and named the blueish one "Rumble". The TF writers' bible, the toyline and the comic all say the red/black one's Rumble. Sunbow simply shrugged their shoulders and kept the mistake consistent.
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