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The frequency thing meant that I'm sure Takara/Hasbro are well aware of what happened 20 years ago with the blue Bluestreak mistake. They'd be fools if they didn't especially since they used the gray Bluestreak for the 1985 catalogue, so I doubt what happened with the Meister box was a mistake.

Speaking of which, I actually dug mine out and flipped to the small window showing the blue Bluestreak. First, no it's not a scan/copy and paste job from the 1984 catalogue. The picture in the 1984 catalogue scan has the camera pointing downward towards the TFs. Also in the picture, Bluestreak's wings aren't symmetric. In the Meister catalogue, the camera is on a more level view showing Bluestreak's front and left side. You can see his belt and chest unlike the 1984 pic. Also, the Meister BStreak car mode is pointing in the opposite direction than the 1984 pic. I'd provide a scan but I don't own a scanner. Another note is that you can make out the words "Fair Lady Z" in the Meister pic and two Autobot symbols are on the figure. In conclusion, they are definitely two different pics. I think they did that as a nod to the fans as you stated.

Alright, I can accept that the Blue Bluestreak hasn't been a Transformer yet, but I'm hesitant to call it a fiction. I mean if Takara either kept or made a blue Lady Bird Z around to take the pic for the Meister box, they went through an awful lot of trouble. Even if it's a Silverstreak redone in Photoshop, that would still be a lot of trouble to go through. Maybe "limbo" would be a more appropriate term?

And finally from the TV show, ah, so that's what happened.
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