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I had an Ultra Magnus when i was young, with red cab, red/black trailer and a small "pilot" to fit in his cab ...

Originally posted by Roadstripe
However, don't get me wrong. I do like the idea of Masterpiece Magnus.

The problem with the armor, at this point, lies in if Magnus is as heavily die cast as Prime was. Prime's a weighty toy and putting armor over that mold will just make him heavier (probably failing any drop tests).
It would probably be best if they made Magnus out of high quality plastic to reduce weight (and costs). They can leave out the electronics, too (without the Matrix, there's really no point). Replace the guns with the proper Ultra Magnus gun and enough money might be saved to make a good quality trailer/armor.
..... this is essentially the same of the original ..... why? Only because this is the Masterpiece Magnus?
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