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A few Micromasters did, but most lacked any faction insignia on the toys themselves.
Also, it should be noted that some Generation 2, Machine Wars, and the first year of BW toys lacked any faction insignia as well.

Of course, Civ also didn't say where the insignia was carried. In all cases, the packaging held the insignia.
Of course, that also throws Bumper, yellow Cliffjumper, and red Bumblebee into the mix, but you could easily say that they, too, are proper Transformers who weren't lucky enough to be officially defined as characters by Hasbro at the time.
It'd be interesting to see an official take on the 'mis-colored' minibots and Bumper. It would also be interesting for a blue-colored 'Bluestreak' to make its way into official Transformer lore somehow. Not likely to happen, but a fascinating thought experiment all the same.
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