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Originally posted by Unicron
Not officially. I suspect Murphy and the others are planning for a 2nd and 3rd now, rather then trying to cram too much into one movie (like what was done with X-Men).
... as i post time ago (about the X-Men approach) ....

1st film - they arrive on Earth to claim the Matrix, they are reformatted, they try to establish a relation with human and battle not only their enemy, but also the US Army ....
2nd film - they return to Cybertron, carrying a pair of human with them, continuing to battle against their enemy ....
3rd film - Unicron arrive to eat Cybertron, Megatron is reformatted into Galvatron and became Unicron's slave
4th film Galvatron return as Decepticon chief commander and sit in his throne room, waiting for a decent story arc ....

i hope they made a better job than this .... i liked X-Men, but i think that X-Men2 is a waste of screentime, to much focused on the uman hate, with only a few superhero in action
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