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Quoth Denyer:
What's the fascination with oversized Cheetors?

Wouldn't deluxe-size be standard scale for Cheetors? All the BW Cheetors were deluxes as was Night Slash Cheetor. That's four Deluxe Cheetors versus one Mega and one Supreme.

Interesting tidbit, though. Could this mean that, in Cybertron, Unicron's four Horsemen (the four deluze-sized Transmetal repaints in Armada) will still play a part, though in new bodies?

Quoth Arcee:
And plans are being made to expand the line to the $30 price point with 1/72 scale aircraft. Average wingspan/rotor 8-10 inches.

What can I say, but - my wallet is going to hate me even more.

At 1/24 scale, an F-15 jet-type Starscream would be about 21 inches high in robot mode. Not as high as Fortress Meximus, but close. At 1/72 scale, Starscream would be about the same height as the Alternators cars.
That seems small to me at first, but one should remember that the Alternators are being made to common model scales. Another common aircraft scale, 1/32, would yield a Starscream about 14 inches high, making him not just unwieldy for packaging, but he would tower inappropriately over Masterpiece Prime.
At 1/48 scale, our hypothetical Starscream would be a reasonable 10 inches high, in proper proportion in robot mode to both Prime and the Alternators. However, this size would probably be too expensive for Hasbro/Takara to produce and package.

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