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One with the Matrix

Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
All the signs are there and the writing is on the wall:

-TF comic sales slowly dropping month by month.
-No other DW comic titles selling well (unlike Devil's Due)
-DW's major players not getting paid.
-Pat Lee doing freelance work for Marvel. (I mean come on, if you own a company, are you going to work for others under any conditions?)
-DW message board mysteriously down
-No G1 ongoiong solicitations for the near future and no hint of the second issue of Pat Lee's TF-GiJoe crossover

I pray its rumor, and I hope DW clarifies it as such, but in all honesty, should we be surprised? DW's major problem is they didn't snag other licences to survive. You can't survive on Transformers alone.
pat lees been regularly doing freelance work for everyone, since he started Dreamwave, he hasnt suddenly started now.
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