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Originally posted by archie321
blue Subaru impreza (Smokescreen), red dodge viper (Sideswipe), and Dark green jeep rangler (Hound)
that's what hasbro has up so far
Not quite. They also have alternators for a Mazda RX-8 (Meister/Jazz), a blue Chevrolet corvette (Tracks), a yellow Chevrolet corvette (also Tracks), a black Chevrolet corvette (Battle Ravage), a yellow Jeep Wrangler (Swindle), a black Dodge Viper with a roof (Dead End), a Ford Mustang (Grimlock), and a silver Subaru Impreza (Silverstreak/Bluestreak).

Also in the works, as far as I know, is a white and blue Ford Mustang (Wheeljack), a Honda something (Overdrive/Windcharger), and another Mazda RX-8 (Shockblast).
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