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Default Energon to air on German TV?

Just reported this at our German TF site... an article of German "Kidz Mania" magazine reflected on Armada (we had 20 episodes on German TV) and hints that Energon might air too (no date yet).

Here's the link:

"Even more action for the new year!
Did you also enjoy the cool Armada season of 'Transformers' on TV? The story about the powerful robots from planet Cybertron was a huge hit. And all Transformers fans can be happy: The new year will continue with a new phat season: TRANSFORMERS ENERGON! The exact airing date isn't fix yet - but rest assured: Kidz Mania will keep you up to date!"

The lower part of the scan features a contest, which was edited out in order not to give non-buyers of the magazine an advantage.

Not that Armada wasn't exactly a "huge hit" in Germany, though...
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