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Just to check the validity, I went to the Dreamwave website. Well, actually, I attempted to go on the website. Seems it is no longer there. I even checked the Yahoo search to make sure I had the right name. Sure enough, I did. The link was simply not there.

But in order to help, I have the G1 ending.

Arcee awakens to her true destiny and slaughters the Autobots, after being inspired by the Quintesson's Fembots. The fave-faced creatures, revelling in their victory, have a light chuckle.

Megatron gets stabbed in the back by Starscream and Shockwave. Then they turn on each other. The other Decepticons are captured by the EDC and disassembled. The true technology of AI is discovered, but with a few "laws" put in place to protect humanity.

Then one day, the lead scientist is thrown out of a window and killed. Though it is ruled a suicide, one rogue policeman believes that one of the new "robots" is responsible. Of course that is impossible; that would violate one of the robotic laws...
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