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One with the Matrix

eh it is very sad, i was talking to Josh B. (colourist on TWW AOW) and he tells me that many many people didnt get paid for ages, ranging from Don to him and everyone in between.

heh, yeah even in death theyre having a mass wankathon

"Established in 1996 by brothers Pat and Roger Lee, Dreamwave infused a stagnant comic book market with art and design that effortlessly combined the then dominant “American” art style with the newly emerging Japanese “Manga” art style. Since then, the company had grown to become one of the comic book industry’s premiere publishers, producing a variety of original titles. "

hmm ok, then how about you f*ck off, producing a variety of original titles? yeah they did have original titles when they started, and as far as i can remember Darkminds was pretty darn popular, but they put all their own titles on hold for friggin property licenses... why!?

i was saying to Josh that its pretty sad, businesses fail thats a fact, its no ones fault apart from Pat, Roger (and a few people we dont know), but all the artists and everything, the majority are huge fans of transformers, and to have to work on a project you adore with such negativity as not being paid and possibly unemployment hanging over your head is disasterous.

I also said that as a double edged sword it may see don return to the fandom, posting art on allspark and 2005 again, and josh said don had told him he was taking 'semi-retirement'

in closing

"President of Dreamwave Productions, Pat Lee stated “there are a number of reasons for my decision to close Dreamwave”, citing that “the shrinking comic book market combined with a weak U.S. dollar and unsustainable monetary commitments has finally proven to be too financially taxing.”"

how about you damn well take responsibility and stop blaming other people.
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