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You're bang on there. There was a competition launched in the Dreamweave summer special. The comic was a one off with a few different stories from different TF storylines RID and Beast Wars being two.

Readers were asked to vote for a mini series of either of these two and in the end Beast Wars won with an 80% majortity (i heard.) Unfortunatley this probably wont happen anytime soon as Dreamweave as a company have gone under and no longer produce comics.

Hope this helped. For any more info I suggest checking out recent threads.

Originally posted by Cliffjumper
The first rule of TF Archive is check which forum you're posting in.
The second rule of TF Archive is no leet.
The third rule of TF Archive is Beast Wars won, but the comic won't be produced because Pat Lee forgot to check his bank account before ordering a giant gold statue of himself being fellated by Joe Ng for the DW lobby, and the company went bust.
Yeah what he said and Cliffy....I'm sensing bitterness of biblical proportions.

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