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Don't bet on it

Apart form the one's you've mentioned Hot Rod and Optimus Prime have also been re-issued in the uk. They’re all part of the Hasbro G1 Reissue line which is on series 8 now i believe and a Toys R Us exclusive.

The reason we won't see anymore is because toys r us ordered way too many of the one's they got now and because the reissues are aimed at 20 something’s, there not going to appeal to younger kids without a cartoon to support them currently on air. This means that every toy's are us in the UK has a shelf full of Jazz and Starscream. The Toys R Us Big Bosses see this and think "those Transformers aren’t selling very well so we won't bother ordering the rest of them".

In short if you wan any of the others you'll have to get them from t'internet

Hasbro has said that there not planning to reissue Soundwave at present although he is available in the Japanese Takara reissue line.

As far as i know nothings been said about constructicons.
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