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Lightbulb ex-Dreamwave staff fight to be paid

Dreamwave issued what appears to be an official statement to its freelancers on January 3rd.

Invoices for any work produced, up to and including today should be forwarded to Dreamwave Productions for assessment. A letter of notification from the "receiving" company will be sent shortly to advise you on the terms of final payment.
As noted by Rich, it doesn't come with any proof of receivership. Perhaps the brothers Lee have simply done a runner over to Dreamengine with the assets and are attempting to forestall claims?

Patyk and McDonough have retained Canadian counsel and sent out a message to other staffers involved. As they note;
The more of us that are involved, the better our chances of actually seeing a result.
One group claim would rank higher for purposes of reclaiming funds from the receivers than would minor creditors, which is what individuals would be classed as under most Western law.
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