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It REALLY didn't help that they were priced so high to begin with. They are, in my opinion, overpriced out here as it is, so I can only imagine the same would cost in the U.K. Every Japanese reissue I'd gotten were for under $35, save God Ginrai. That's even after shipping. I've only ever gotten two of the E-Hobby exclusives, Black Starscream and "Anime" Streak, which I still paid around $40 or so each.

The TRU reissues price at about $30 and up, with the modifications. Though in some instances the Hasbro ones were better (Starscream molds had tight arms where the Takara ones were loose) it was like paying the same for a safety-modified toy. If I, the fan, wasn't going to buy them for that much domestically, what do you think general or non-collectors were going to pay?

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