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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Out of interest, in the US do you get comic/collectable stores importing the Takara editions fairly close to their release? Or is it all mail-order, like BBTS and the like?
Well it depends on the store. I know that my old import store I used to go to had at least up until #13 Hot Rod on X-mas day. Plus the other ones could have been bought already. Binaltech was available with Grimlock and Swindle as the newest releases. Yet the comic store in the mall only has #8, and BT Sideswipe. Problem with Japanese merchandise is the import tax. So you end up paying $80 for a binaltech, and $50 for a reissue. But at the conventions it's better because the dealers I use have the items for less, like $50 for BT, and $30 for the reissue.
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