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John Ney Reiber writes:

"the dream circus continues to amuse and astonish. The more I see and hear, the more i feel like i'm watching some dark comedy--an epic clash of alternate realities.

"dream-whatever's press releases continue to dazzle with their camelotian radiance. in glorious Spinworld, you can almost hear the proud banners sighing in the wind as the noble knights who strove so valiantly to rescue a stagnant, relentlessly shrinking comic book market bid their faithful retainers a fond and respectful farewell, and ride off into the sunset.

"meanwhile, in an alternate universe where faithful retainers actually live, pay heating bills, and buy groceries, there's not so much chivalrous trumpeting going on. while at least 17 unpaid freelancers--claiming amounts ranging from $350 to $40,000, or so i'm told--have been informed that a receivership company is now responsible for settling dreamwave's debts, dreamwave seems to be unwilling to disclose the name of the company, or provide the contact information which would enable dreamwave's creditors or their legal representatives to, umm...

"to find out what's really going on.

"lawyers involved have remarked that dreamwave's unresponsiveness on this front was unusual, compared to other companies they've dealt with in similar circumstances.

"one aspect of this situation has struck me as being particularly sad. from the people who've been the most outspoken about this situation to the people who've been watching from the sidelines, a disturbing number of the freelancers involved have been worrying: if they stand up and speak up here and now, will other comic publishers be afraid to work with them in the future? will they be branded as 'difficult?'

"but i believe there's a reason that so many comic book heroes and heroines are courageous and honorable. i believe that most of the people who edit and publish comics believe in that stuff."

You heard the man.

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