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Originally posted by Wildrider
Furman, Don, Ng, What's the score?
I'm going to presume you intended to reply to one of the current threads on DW rather than create another, and thus not kill you for starting a thread in News to ask questions...

Most of those affected by Dreamwave's shoddy business practises have been reluctant to come forwards because it could affect their dealings with other comics companies.

The most I personally know is that some fellow fans are in rather dire straits because of Pat & Roger's f*ck-ups. It's always the smaller creators who are hit hardest. See that last link for a little more info.

I doubt Furman will come forward in interview until things are resolved, if at all. Ng is similarly keeping quiet at Seibertron, last I noticed.

I figure we'll get an announcement within the next couple of weeks from DD.
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