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Hi All. This is my first ever post on this site! What's the expression - long time lurker, first time poster.
Anyway, I'm living in Ireland and to cheer up anyone who thinks they are paying over the odds on the G1 re-issues, this should cheer you lot up!
The only store one store in Ireland that I am aware of the stocks Takara G1 re-issues is the Irish branch of FP. For each standard size reissue (eg - Hot Rod, Hound and such) they are charging a massive 75 euro per figure. At todays exchange rate that is 51 pounds sterling per figure. Considering these guys can be had for as little as 25 euro in the states, that is some price to charge. I have not seen anywhere that stocks the Hasbro reissues as there is no toys'r'us store here and thanks to amazon not selling these outside the US, the only place to get them is online or to fly over there yourself.
The iceing on the cake as far as I am concerned and this might help to explain why G1 does not really interest kids is that our FP also put a sign up on the shelf for their reissues saying that "These are collectors items only. Not for sale to those under 14 years of age". And I kid you not. Maybe trying to justify their high prices.
I can tell you all one thing for sure - if Hasbro had not been silly and handed out an exclusive to toys'r'us, spring loaded missiles or not, their reissues would have flown off the shelves!
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