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I love the way people make up excuses as to why kids don't buy G1. RiD Prowl or Energon Starscream having discernable legs is most likely a factor...

Oh, and TRU were the only ones who wanted the line. This is generally the deal with exclusives. Hasbro don't generally just decide to sell less of a figuer because they hate money. With an assortment like the reissues, they'll see who's interested, and sell it to whoever. If TRU are the only ones who want it, it therefore is a TRU exclusive. While it's slightly reprehensible rhetoric [similar to producing, say, a limited edition CD where the limited edition is roughly the amount you expect to sell anyway - terms like Limited Edition and Exclusive suck like that], it's a fiar business practice. It's not like bloody wolies were begging for the things. They didn't want them because they wouldn't generally appeal to their demographic. TRU can afford to stock a few shelves with slower moving collectables. Woolies just want stock to be gone ASAP, all of it, due to less shelf space.

And please no-one say they have a kid/kid bother/guy in their road who's 5 and plays with a G1 figure, because then you'll have missed the point.
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